Deep Tissue + Cupping & Corrective Massage Therapies

Deep Tissue + Cupping & Corrective Massage

Deep Tissue & Corrective Massage sessions are totally about you and your kneads. Deep Tissue work is about advanced training NOT just applying more pressure! In Deep Tissue work the most important tool = TIME! Results are incomparable with proper deep tissue of relaxing spasmed muscles, warming to remove stagnant build ups,  and then flushing out the muscles. Each session is partnered with cupping therapy (optional). Cupping has been used since the ancient of days as a holistic body therapy for releasing toxins, aches, pains, cramping, fatigue, and more. Your therapist finding those troubled spots will work in what their gifted to do! Whether your desire is full body work or a specific area. Our Corrective Massage sessions are enhanced results with cupping + sonic technology therapy.

Deep Tissue Work

90 min // Regular ~ $179 // Club ~ $120
120 min // Regular ~ $258 // Club ~ $170

Corrective Massage Work

25 min // Regular ~ $129. // Bundle ~ $79. when added to 60 or 90 minutes full body massage $79.

50 min // Regular $179. // Bundle ~ $110.

80 min // Regular $239. // Bundle ~ $139.

All Our Massage Treatments Include ~ Hot Stone Area Work // Aromatherapy Holistic Oils & Inhalations // Scalp Cranial Massage // Normally $50 ~ Included for FREE

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