Yes, a facial for your back! Skin Healthy + Body Healthy Our specialized custom back therapy for any skin health issue for your back or for you, when your exit needs to be as dramatic as your entrance! Necessary for summer wardrobe, brides, your man who loves caressing your back (always or while dancing with you), and special events when going low back, backless or off the shoulders. We make your body more beautiful! Deep cleansing with a back buffing deep peel, extractions (if needed), custom masque~ing for a radiant back, custom aromatherapy herbal hydration infusion. Yum! Optional stress therapy, 30 minutes full back massage.

  • visibly smooth glowing reflection back + shoulders
  • visibly soft + to the touch silkiness
  • gives a dramatic exit
  • purely fresh + blemish free back complexion
  • skin + body health wellness
  • correction + balance with oily,  dry skin or back acne

50 min // Regular ~ $209. // Club ~ $149.

30 min back massage // Regular ~ $65.

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