Purifying Pure Peppermint Facial

Purifying Pure Peppermint Facial (Heat & Ice)

Detox facial to purge the skin of congestions, breakouts, including hormonal acne. Begin to see the release of congestion as a clearer complexion emerges. Deep exfoliation unclogs pores/follicles. Steamed herbal towels and iced skin rollers helps eliminate different types of surface bacteria while reducing raised bumps, redness, and irritations from the skin’s surface.

60 min // Regular ~ $179 // Club ~ $110

30 min // Skin Detox & Brightening Treatment ~ $75. Bundle of 4 // 30 min Skin Detox & Brightening Treatments ~ $260

All Of Our Facials Include ~ Eye Dration 3 Step Eye Facial // LipDip Smoothing & Plumping Lip Facial // Clinical Enzyme Peel // Neck & Décolletage  // Normally $160 ~ Included for FREE

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