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The Re-creation Fantasy

Session I: Dirty Girl Body Detox Mud Facial includes our 30-Minute Scalp Facial with exfoliating enzyme scalp and hair oil, Neck, Shoulder, and Foot Massage. Then a plunge into our hydro-therapy Mud Tub Session II: 90 Minutes Full Body Massage, Lunch or Dinner served Session III: 60 minutes Leaine's Classic Facial, and our Queen Ester Body Wrap

Approx 5 1/2 hours - Regular: $468

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The Refuge of Living Waters

The most requested package for a reason. This is strictly for the spa "diva" or "divo"... we're talking serious spa-ing.

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My Secret Hide Away

Exhausted, worn down, tired, fatigued, frustrated, feeling like you've aged 10 years, do I need to go on? Drag yourself in, bring a friend or make it a relaxing couples retreat

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Mommy To Be

Mommies need a lot of nurturing even months after your blessing arrives. You could have never anticipated all these life changes. Relax & recuperate with us.

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The Re-Creation Fantasy

Session I
Candlelight Hydrotherapy Mineral Bath, Body Facial Nirvana, 30-Minute Scalp Facial, Foot Reflexology, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Session II
90 Minutes Full Body Massage, Lunch or Dinner served
Session III
60 Minute Serenity Facial, Wrap-Ture Body Cocoon

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