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Face Waxing

Upper Lip - Regular: $19

Chin - Regular: $19

Lip & Chin - Regular: $35

Sides Of Face - Regular: $45-55

Other Recommended Waxings

Teeny Bikini – For That Barely There Style

Touch-ups $35. • First time $50-$65.

Brazilian, our specialty
Dare to go bare, in the buff or just a tiny patch of flair

Touch-Ups $55-$65. First Time $80.
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Heart Shaped

Heart Shaped $100.

The Extension $10.00 with any style bikini wax
(for some of us our bikini border extends down the inner thigh. This area can be to delicate to shave and besides who wants the coarse stubble)?

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Eyebrow Sculpting

Touch-ups done perfectly


First time creating a shape perfect for you

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Lower $39. Upper $45. Full leg with light bikini $89. Top of feet $10.

Arms and Underarms

Under arms $25. • Lower arm $27. • Full arm $32

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Body Peel For Legs

Gives legs that shiny silky look. The best fifteen bucks you’ll ever spend!

Half leg $10. Full leg $15.


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Face Waxing

Lip and Chin

Upper Lip $19. Chin $19. Lip & Chin $35.

Sides of Face

$45.- $55.
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Athletes, body builders, models or because the woman in your life insists; waxing for legs, arms and under arms no problem it’s our specialty! Same pricing applies.

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