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Scalp Facial

Seriously LeAine's favorite! Our Scalp Facial is a one of a kind experience. We start with an enzyme scalp exfoliant to cleanse hair follicles adding a tremendous amount of volume. Then using essential oils to hydrate, nourish & add shine to your hair. Performing the most amazing scalp, neck & shoulder massage creating harmony and well-being. Designed for stress, tension headache sufferers. An experience you must try. Great Value!

30 minutes - Regular: $75.

Enhancements You Desire

Aromatherapy holistic oils & inhalations $15. free with our massages, oh yes we did! ~ Hot stone area therapy work $15. free with full body massage, we’re not kidding! ~ Scalp cranial work (if you choose, don’t mess up my hair. We understand) $20. free with full body massage, nope it’s not a joke! ~ Full beverage service always served, always complimentary. Because this is the way we always roll and we know how much you knead affordable luxury! Sorry I could not resist, Leaine


Disclaimer Skinsations Spa cannot take responsibility for drooling that may occur when dozing off, outburst of joy, becoming addicted to Skinsations Spa, or jealous reactions from friends because they did not come with you or perhaps anger they had to pay extra for all the enhancements above somewhere else!

Other Recommended Massages

Customized Relaxation/Swedish Massage

This relaxing massage session is totally about you and your kneads. Let your Therapist know where those trouble spots are and let them work in what their gifted to do.

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Customized Deep Tissue/Sports

This Deep Tissue or Sports massage session is totally about you and your kneads. Let your Therapist know where those trouble spots are and let them work in what their gifted to do!

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Hot Stone Full Body Massage

The most therapeutic massage of them all! Improves circulation, muscle stiffness and fatigue; using heated Balset stones to penetrate heat & relax the muscles.

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Couples Massage

When you need to relax together or reconnect. Snuggle together on our romantic couples sittha~, cozy up in our “nap room”. Couples massage & Spa Packages performed by request in our “Couples Peek-A-Bo Suites.

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Infra-red Massage

The nurturing restorative deep penetrating heat of infra-red light therapy is the comfort food of massage. This brilliant therapeutic comfort massage is designed for tranquil soothing in high stress seasons of life, muscle fatigue and soreness, perfect for those with fibromyalgia and arthritis.

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Ultimate Back Therapy

Do you hold your tension in your back, neck & shoulders? This treatment combines hot stone work, deep tissue & trigger-point therapy for the ultimate in “sore” back release.

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Pregnancy/Postpartum Blues Massage

Make pregnancy more comfortable. This full body massage is focused with attention to swollen ankles, legs, & lower back pain. Addressing postpartum we focus on all the gentle nurturing you need for a little “me” time.

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Stress Busters

Pain In The Neck

An intense neck & shoulder massage for those carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Releases tight sore muscles & helps alleviate tension headaches.

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Hand And Foot Fantasy

Drift away as soothing rhythm strokes of Chinese reflexology & Swedish massage techniques send your whole body into a state of relaxation; helps in relieving swelling, sore wrists, & feet.

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Scalp Facial

Exfoliates & cleanses the hair follicles to stimulate growth & add bounce & shine. Hydrates the most damaged & dry hair. Completely relaxes your body and mind with the most amazing scalp, neck & shoulder massage. Leaine’s favorite!

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