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Re-Dehmer "Facelift" Facial

This is our "youth recruit boot camp" because it kicks the butt of aging! Seeing the gravity effects to your face, neck, jowls & eye areas? Beauty magazines call this, "The NON-SURGICAL face lift! The newest generation technology of advanced "micro-current"; creates a lifted, toned overall appearance, dramatically to your brows, eyes & jowls. With a brilliant ability to sculpt your cheekbones & jawline. To turn back the hands of time, Leaine created the Lift Series. Then created the Re-Dehmer Lift Facial to maintain your results.

90 minutes - Regular: $319. , Members: $230.

Must Haves...

Lift Fitness Series of 12 $1800.

Single Lift Treatment (perhaps for a hot date) $175.

Future Youth Liposome Delivery Serum $1.7 oz 169. 5 oz 325.


(pricing when added to any facial)

Eye-Dration Eyefacial

This 4 step peeper perk-up includes our wrinkle wrecking EYE-DRATION EYE & LIP PEEL, a circulating massage to ease dark circles, de-puffing firming masque for instant tightening & brightening. Finished with our most amazing EYE-DRATION EYE & LIP CREAM that ministers to every issue of your “eye area” Eyemazing!

$50. if purchased separately) Free with all facials, oh no, we didn’t?


Three step LipFacial using our smooch smoothing EYE-DRATION EYE & LIP PEEL, pucker plumping collagen stimulating masque and softening kissable vitamin Lip Cream with antioxidants.

$35. if purchased separately) Free with all facials, oh yes we did!


Glycolic Acid Peel $29


Hand Peel & Treatment $39

Helps rebuild collagen adding volume to thinning skin of hands



Chinemy Or Brow Lift $59


When your chin becomes your enemy, when your brows & eye area need a literal “pick me up”. Micro-Current Lift


Cellulite Flush Wrap

Because cellulite is not fat, it's toxins trapped in the upper (adipose) tissue of the body. This ancient recipe of tea leafs is brewed into a warm broth. Relax as we wrap your body like a cocoon in what is known as the lymphatic zone to circulate and flush toxin's out.

$59. with any facial


Queen Ester Full Body Pure Aromatherapy Herbal Wrap

Pure indulgence as we warm and wrap your body in hydrating, calming herbal ancient remedies blended into pure aloe vera gel that will leave your soul intoxicated with lingering fresh romantic aromas and skin turned into the feel of silk.



Other Recommended Facials

LeAine's facials command unsurpassed skin health and instant results with the "most potent" skincare world-wide ever developed. Created by LeAine, using a world rarity, multiple liposome delivery capsules! MLDC is the science of "micro molecule capsules" working IN your skin not ON your skin.

Leaine Classic “Warm Stone” Facial

Customized for every skin “type”. Whatever your skin needs: purifying/re-balancing or hydrating/anti-aging; this custom facial will transition your complexion to a refreshed, glowing, and healthy looking skin.

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Saving Face Overnight Success Facial

This intense SAVING FACE OVERNIGHT SUCCESS FACIAL will incredibly boost your skins ability to rejuvenate younger cells. Using the technology of Botaniceutical™ CS Peptide Therapy in our famous SAVING FACE OVERNIGHT SUCCESS MASQUE, Botaniceutical™ CS Peptide ministers to collagen (hydrations & volume), elasticity (skin firmness, tightness) and hydration repair (water & lipids) for an overnight transformation to MIMIC YOUTHFUL SKIN

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Moisture Enter-Lock Facial

Moisture magnet facial encompasses SILVER EAR MUSHROOM, the most radical humectant (moisture magnet) know to science! Turns the driest most parched skin around. Especially vital during the Santa Ana Winds, effects from medications, hormone changes or fluctuations, change in diet, after travel, those suffering from creepy parched skin.

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Teen Facial

Am I oily? Am I dry? Complete balancing, purifying & maintaining healthy teen skin. Treating issue's from hormone surges, active sports, diet, stress from heavy study loads & boyfriend problems (just kidding).

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Youth Recruit Facials in Order of Intensity

Re-Dehmer “Facelift” Facial

This is our “youth recruit boot camp” because it kicks the butt of aging! Starting to see the gravity effects to your face, neck, jowls & eye areas? A union of our skin breather facial & micro-current non-surgical face lift technology; this is the ultimate for skin rejuvenation & results. Mico-Current technology creates a sculpted lifted glowing complexion. Includes glycolic acid peel.

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Future Youth Facial

Takes authority over the effects of Pre, Post, and Peri Menopausal skin. This time of life effects your skin in many ways; dull appearance (the glow is gone), gritty sandpaper texture especially to the areas of the chin, nose & forehead, skin seems thinned out and has a transparent look (loss of volume), nothing seems to penetrate, you look older then you feel! Well, get glowing!

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Skin Breather Pure Oxygen Facial

Seeking the ultimate in preventative aging? This facial is like a locked and loaded gun aimed at the targets of aging in acceleration caused by such issues as; extreme dead skin cell build up, sluggish non-responsive cellular turnover/cellular absorption, thickened rough texture of your skin’s surface, natural aging process, depletion of vitamins, minerals, proper nutrition, hormonal changes, cellular circulation, accumulated stresses, responsibilities and poor air quality

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Clinical Facial

Purifying Pure Peppermint Facial (Heat & Ice)

Detox facial to purge the skin of congestions, breakouts, including hormonal acne. Begin to see the release of congestion as a clearer complexion emerges. Deep exfoliation unclogs pores/follicles. Steamed herbal towels and iced skin rollers helps eliminate different types of surface bacteria while reducing raised bumps, redness, and irritations from the skin’s surface.

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